Welcome to

East Central

Step into a neighborhood where your story adds to our vibrant tapestry. Here, neighbors unite to celebrate diversity and create a future as rich as our past.

A Community in Motion

Our neighborhood thrives on the voices from within — the educators, the entrepreneurs, the families, and the dreamers who see East Central not just as their home, but as their canvas.

Forging the Future Together

The heart of East Central is built on the idea that a neighborhood isn’t just where you live; it’s where you grow, interact, and engrain yourself in its history as you work alongside your neighbors to create its future.

Rich Diversity

Every street, every home, and every face tells a story of our rich cultural diversity. We are a melting pot of histories, traditions, and experiences, making our neighborhood a community that reflects the world.

Downtown at Your Doorstep

Step out of your door and into the buzz of downtown Fort Wayne. From trendy cafes and restaurants to thriving businesses and entertainment venues, the vibrant pulse of the city is always within reach.

A History of Resilience

Our roots delve deep into the rich legacy of a 1960s neighborhood association, cultivated at the height of the civil rights movement. It's here where barriers were seen as challenges, and challenges were transformed into bridges toward change. In the face of adversities, we’ve nurtured a forward-thinking neighborhood.

Our Greatest Asset?


In East Central, together, we're not just living; we’re crafting a legacy of community, connection, and positive change that future generations will be proud of.